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Copy the images from your Nikon digital camera's memory or from its card to your computer along with relevant tags such as copyright information or date of creation.

Nikon Transfer is a handy application that helps you to transfer all pictures captured by your digital camera to your computer. Moreover, it allows to download pictures in two locations simultaneously and saves downloading time in that way. Nikon Transfer enables you to backup your images and point out IPTC and XMP data: copyright information, key words and location path for every file. Also you can group your pictures by date shot, extension and folder. Now there is an improved possibility to manage folders names. You can insert spacers, for example, underscore. So, you can use hyphens or underscores between year, month, day, hour, minute, and second, when you create folder’s name which includes a date. Also there are additional features available when renaming files during transfer. When you rename photos during the transfer, they are checked in the Primary Destination Options panel. Now a Sequential number applying to the name rule during this process is consistent with a shooting date. Also you can delete unnecessary files from the transfer queue when all thumbnails are selected. Nikon grants you a non-exclusive limited Nikon Transfer version (1 copy on 1 computer). If you want to buy an unlimited version, you should apply to the authorized dealers.

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  • Simplifies transfer images to PC
  • Allows to backup your shots
  • Allows to create information about a file
  • New possibilities in folder naming


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